Tufright Composite Decking

Composite Decking Builders Campbellfield

At TufRight we know all too well that our valued customers are looking for strong, resilient, and reliable decking that lasts in all weather conditions. Made from high-tech materials specifically made for the Australian environment our advanced co

mposite decking helps Campbellfield residents improve the appearance, condition, and comfort of their homes.

Environmentally-friendly and beautiful, our composite decking is able to hold its colour and appearance through the ages. Made from a seamless composite of timber and plastic our decking retains the best strengths of both materials without any of their weaknesses.

Requiring no painting or additional maintenance our superior custom-made decking is available at affordable prices, ensuring that our valued customers can enjoy our installations regardless of their budget. Available in a range of beautiful and expressive colours and textures our decking will bring nature into your suburban home. To speak directly to our passionate and reliable decking builders Campbellfield locals and beyond can get in touch with us on 1300 883 744