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Composite Cladding


Tufright Composite Cladding has the same benefits as our Composite Decking. It is made from bamboo/wood fibres, recycled HDPE plastic and reinforced plastics, UV additives, environmentally friendly bonding agents, and colouring agents.

Composite Cladding is the Ultimate Cladding Solution and is superior in every way to traditional timber cladding in many ways due to the fact that it has a very long lifespan – it is durable without the need for oiling, painting, and sealing. It is also low maintenance, splinter-free, resistant to termites, moisture-resistant due to its plastic content, and Fire Rated. Tufright Cladding is also more environmentally friendly and sustainable as bamboo grows significantly faster than hardwood timbers, reducing the risk of deforestation and using hardwood sawdust and recycled plastics means less material goes to waste.

Tufright’s Composite Cladding is available in 156mm x 21mm x 5400mm and comes in a range of colours and finishes, giving you the ability to create residential and commercial projects that are both stylish and functional. Tufright is versatile, easy to install, and looks fantastic in any setting.

Whatever you use our cladding for, it will definitely provide safe, long-wearing and eco-friendly sophistication. Using strengthened and durable materials, our high-quality composite cladding systems give Sydney and Melbourne home and business owners cladding that they can trust to last for years without needing replacing.

At TufRight Outdoor Solutions we strive to provide a complete range of durable and affordable products for domestic and commercial residents throughout Sydney and Melbourne’s suburbs. For years we have helped our design, fabricate, and install our range of composite decking and cladding to meet the unique specifications of our customers.

Composite Cladding Systems Melbourne, Sydney

Like our Decking, TUFRIGHT Cladding is 100% recyclable because it is composed of 60% Bamboo wood fibres, 30% Recycled HDPE and 10% Reinforcing plastic with Anti UV additives. Perfectly designed to retain their shape and colour with continued exposure to heat and cold conditions our composite cladding solutions can improve homes across Melbourne. Thanks to its ability to stay looking brand-new years after installation our customers can take pride in the positive effect our cladding can bring to your property.

Designed and developed using the latest advances in technology our composite cladding products are built to last and be safe for our customers. Fire Rated, resistant to humidity, moisture, bacteria and UV rays our composite cladding can be safely installed in all climates and locations. It can withstand temperatures from -40°C to 60°C, is splinter-free, does not crack up or warp, does not need to be treated, is easy to install and maintain, and is guaranteed to retain its integrity and appearance for up to 15 years*

To learn more about our exceptional approach towards improving the condition of homes and businesses call us today on 03 9357 7275 or 0477 681 262. Thanks to our high-quality composite cladding solutions Melbourne and Sydney residents can breathe easy knowing that the look and quality of their property will be improved.

Available in a range of vibrant and rich colours to suit your tastes and existing home design you can trust TufRight to meet your needs and requirements. To save yourself money and make sure your budget is correct use our handy cladding calculator or our decking calculator to have an idea of the expenditure related to your project.

Tufright Composite Cladding Dark GreyAvailable in: 156mm x 21mm x 5400mm

Available in: Ivory, Coffee, Mixed and Dark Grey











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1. Measure and mark a line 20mm away from your wall/structure (this distance is important to allow for expansion from the house due to weather changes and accommodate the overlap of cladding boards)

2. Screwin the Starter Clips 20mm from the wall/structure.

3. Lay the first boardonto the deck – fitting it firmly into the starter clips, use a rubber mallet if necessary.

4. Using a 4mm drill bit, pre-drill a hole through the cladding board into the timber underneath, take care not to drill too far into the timber

5. Add screws to the drilled holes to secure cladding board to timber – be sure to screw in just enough to keep cladding in place to avoid cracking the cladding

6. Fit the next board onto first board, using a rubber mallet if necessary

7. Repeat steps 4-6 until cladding is complete

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