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Feel and Looks like wood

At TUFRIGHT we make decks durable, no more maintenance like normal wood deck. Spend more time with your family and enjoy your decking for years.

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At Tufright, we have the ideal solution for you

By taking advantage of your existing or new decking frame, you can lay your deck with our low-maintenance composite decking boards. Composite decking is superior to traditional timber decking in many ways.

Tufright Composite Decking is made from bamboo/wood fibres, recycled HDPE plastic and reinforced plastics, UV additives, environmentally friendly bonding agents, and colouring agents.

It has a very long lifespan – it is durable, splinter-free, resistant to termites and does not require re-oiling or sealing, and is moisture-resistant due to its plastic content. Tufright composite decking is also more environmentally friendly and sustainable as bamboo grows significantly faster than hardwood timbers, reducing the risk of deforestation.

TufRight’s Composite Decking is designed to meet the needs and requirements of domestic and commercial customers alike. Custom-sized and available in unique and expressive colours, textures, and finishes, our decking and cladding is the perfect combination of form and function.

TufRight decking and cladding is renowned for its resilience, versatility, seamless and smooth installation, and visual appeal that stands out in all environments. With its strength and style composite decking is suited for pool, patio, al fresco or even as a raised platform for eating or entertainment, providing safe, long wearing and eco-friendly sophistication.



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