What is Composite Decking?

What is Composite Decking?

Composite Decking also known as WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) is a type decking board that is typically made out of recycled timber or and plastic. In our case our Decking Boards are made from Bamboo/Wood fibres, Recycled HDPE Plastic & Reinforced Plastics, UV additives, environmentally friendly bonding agents and colouring agent. Composite Decking has a very long life span it is durable, termite resistant, fire resistant, no need to re-oil or seal and its moisture resistant because of its plastic content.


Environmental Benefits

Composite Decking is an environmentally friendly and sustainable product. As we want Australians to invest in sustainable products, our Composite Decking is a smart investment long term and if you look at both hardwood and softwood timbers they both require trees and habitats to be cleared and they both don’t always come from sustainable managed forests. Hardwood timber can take 80 – 150 years to fully age and mature which is very difficult to have a sustainable forest because of its long duration of mature. There are other timbers imported which are currently being devastated by logging and farming such as Merbau/Kwila. For softwoods mainly pine needs be chemically treated to expand its life span. Both hardwood and softwoods needs to be re-oiled or sealed each year to ensure that the timber decking boards keeps its colour and for the timber decking board to not dry up which will cause timber to crack, split and warp.

Our Composite Decking is made mostly from Bamboo which is a sustainable material because of its quick matured growth of 5 – 7 years, 10 to 20 times quicker than Hardwood timbers. Composite Decking does not need any oiling or sealing annually or even better during its whole life span! The other sustainable part of this product is that all the plastic contents in our product is made from recycled plastics from plastic bottles and household plastics. Our Composite Decking can also be recycled again which truly makes this product environmentally friendly.


Is it better than traditional timber decking and how?

Composite Decking offers many benefits over traditional timber decking products. As mentioned above Composite Decking as environmentally friendly and sustainable. Composite Decking is very low maintenance, as you don’t need to oil or seal the deck. Only maintenance is a general sweep, hose down or a pressure clean. Composite Decking is safe as there are no splinters which makes it safe for everyone and with the hidden fasteners, there are no nail or screw heads popping out which can cause a trip hazard. It has a P3 anti slip rating which makes it safe to walk on when its wet where as the timber decking can be slippery when wet because of the decking oil in the timber.

Other than the safety, Composite Decking looks and feels like real timber, as our decking boards range from a Wood-Grain, Sanded and Thin Grooved surface. You will also have the similar colour consistency all around and the decking will look the same year after year after year with minimal fade without any maintenance saving you money and time.


Easy to install?

Composite Decking boards are easy to install. Composite Decking boards has a grooved edge designed for hidden fastening clips making the fixings concealed and making it easier to install. The hidden fastening system helps reduce time by reducing the need to mark out perfectly centre lines for your screws/nails and countersinking the decking boards to accommodate screw heads. Countersinking on timber decking boards cannot be escaped and this causes wood degradation because it collects a lot of dirt and it is the last place to dry up when exposed to water.

Also the Composite Joists are easy to install and are made from the same materials/components as the composite decking. It will last longer than a timber sub-floor because of its benefits over timber which extend the life of your deck all around.


Be more creative with Composite Decking

With composite decking you can do whatever you desire! You can create any complex design and because TufRight has a range of colours to choose from and you can have different colours to create deck features like a different colour picture frame/edge colour and different colour steps making your deck stand out from the rest! TufRight design are here to help you from concept to install to make your vision become a reality.